Gary Harris Finds the End Zone, Tom Crean Can’t Find Gary

Matt Painter had no trouble finding the field tonight

As I said before I picked up a new lens for my camera after work tonight so I decided to head to a football game to try it out. I really had every intention of checking out a game at a new stadium. I knew that Lafayette Harrison was in town so I took off that way. I really had no idea who they were even playing until I saw Matt Painter standing near the players entrance to the field. I looked at my program and sure enough #4 Gary Harris was playing for Hamilton Southeastern. I was talking to some members of the Royals staff during the game, and I found out that Tom Crean was supposed to be at the game, but had not shown up yet. Later on I found out that he had gotten himself lost on 52. I am sure that some nice Boiler fans gave him great directions. I left at halftime with the score 35-0 HSE so I never did find out if Crean made it to the game.

One look at the chain gang when Harrison has the ball tells you all you need to know about the game

This game was a mismatch in every way. The teams really did not belong on the same field together and it showed. HSE seemed to move the ball at will, and Harrison struggled just to move the ball forward. They had  better luck on defense, but could not capitalize when the ball was basically handed to them a couple of times.

Gary Harris around end

Gary Harris seemed to be a very good football player from what I have seen. I do not follow recruiting very closely, but I have not seen his name mentioned as a football recruit. I guess his stock is that much higher in basketball that he isn’t even fielding football offers. He has a definite size advantage at receiver, and he even blocks out there. Maybe if he came to Purdue he could split time between the two sports.


5 thoughts on “Gary Harris Finds the End Zone, Tom Crean Can’t Find Gary

  1. Yes, Coach Crean got there midway through the third quarter, after Gary got done playing (as you know it was a blowout). Made the situation even funnier as a Boiler fan.

  2. I wonder what part of East or West on 52 he didn’t understand. That whole “…and sets in the west” thing must have confused clappy.

  3. from my understanding, he showed up at lafayette jeff instead and then made his way to harrison. can’t read a calendar or a schedule.

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