Central Catholic vs. West Lafayette Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures that I liked from last night’s great game. The one that makes me sick comes near the end of the gallery. Danny Anthrop made a great run for his second touchdown of the night which included a nice leap over a couple of players. I got the shot, but had my camera set up wrong after taking some pictures during a timeout. I guess you learn a little each time you shoot, and I learned that you have to always check your camera settings.

The coaches talk prior to the big game

The drum at the stadium

Sometimes you just need a break

The future hero of the game Travis Smith in pregame warmups

I love the intensity in the eyes of lineman Drake Hoover

Danny Anthrop firing up the troops prior to the game

This little guy saw the cameras and put on a show. He had to get at least one picture in this set

The flag with the great sky behind it

West Lafayette getting fired up before taking the field

A CC coach talks to Danny Anthrop just after the Red Devils had taken a 7-0 lead

Quarterback Austin Munn waiting for a play to be called from the sideline

Munn is also the punter. Here he is shown in mid stride

I love the eyes on Red Devil running back Amen Gallery as he looks for running room

Maurice Woodard is taken down by Danny Anthrop and Jake Churchill

The moment just before the snap

Red Devil quarterback Sean Busch and running back Maurice Woodard carry out a play fake

The Operation Sports chopper gets down low to get some of the action

The ball seemed to be on the turf a lot last night

Sean Busch is hit hard by Jacob Matson just after he released the ball

Mattson finishes his hit as Busch hits the ground

Timmy Mills trying to bring down West Lafayette punt returner Brody Forbes

Maurice Woodard looking for some running room

The Golden Girl MerriBeth Cox and the Silver Twins Chellie and Sara Zou just before their halftime show

MerriBeth getting some air during her portion of the show

MerriBeth Cox showing off a little near the end of her routine

The World's Largest Drum sitting on the 50 yard line

The Silver Twins Cherrie and Sara Zou celebrate a routine well done

Central Catholic returner Brad Schrader almost puts a knee down on the opening kick of the second half

Danny Anthrop trying to get something going in the second half as Thomas Deranek hangs on

Red Devil quarterback Sean Busch winds up for a pass

Busch letting one go

The moon rising over the stadium

Once again I love the eyes of running back Amen Galley for West Lafayette

Danny Anthrop going high for his second score of the night. Why did I not check my settings prior to the snap is beyond me

My view of Travis Smith running his pick six back that sealed the game

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