Minnesota Helps Keep Purdue’s Rose Bowl Hopes Alive

Adam Brockman leads a fired up Boiler team out on the field

Today Purdue beat a really bad Minnesota team to go 1-0 in the Big Ten. Do I really think that the Boilers have a shot at the Rose Bowl? No. Is it a possibility? Yes. I mean you still have to play the games and anything can happen. I think today only showed that Purdue is not the worst team in the Big Ten like many people have been posting since Notre Dame came in an whipped them last week. All the extracurricular activities during the week did not seem to bother the Boilers in any way shaped or form, and came away with a 45-17 win. More importantly they are now three wins away from a bowl game. Maybe things in West Lafayette are not as bad as many would think. Of course just like a few weeks ago when Purdue beat down SEMO you really can’t tell much from this game. Next week in Happy Valley will be a much better barometer. It was still nice to celebrate a good old fashion beatdown today though.

Today started off on an interesting note. As usual so far this season I did not have a ticket on gameday. On my walk to the stadium I started asking ‘brokers’ for prices. They were just way too high for two of the worst teams in the Big Ten. One guy told me that he was going to take a big loss during the day, and asked if I could help him out. I gave him the “Don’t make your problem my problem” line, and moved on. As I started walking away another scalper ran me down. He said that I could sit on the 50 for 50. I started laughing and walked away. He asked me what I would spend, and I said $20. He showed me a ticket for the end zone high up. I started walking away again. He showed me a ticket on the 35 down low that he said I could have for $25. Another walk away helped me end up with the ticket in hand. He called me a bully, but I had a good seat in hand so that I could enjoy some of the pregame activities.

The Boilers came out of the gate today fired up. After last week I did not know what to expect, but they really came out ready to play. Albert Evans in particular seemed to be laying the wood any chance that he could get. I remember our high school team would pull the DB’s aside for extra hitting after a poor tackling performance. I would guess that something similar happened the way that the Purdue team came out hitting. It was good to see.

Ricardo Allen stretches to complete his pick 6. I love the cheerleader yelling at him in the background

That tough play by the Boilers led to a 24-0 lead in the first quarter. Ryan Reynolds had recovered two fumbles, and Ricardo Allen took a pick 6 to the house. His was not as clear as the one Josh Johnson dropped last week, but he made some nice moves at the end to seal the deal. The people that actually came to the game were absolutely going crazy at this point. Sadly the scoring pace could not be kept up, and the rest of the game was just a formalilty.

Speaking of attendance it was poor today. The announced figure was just over 38,000. In a stadium that holds over 60,000 you really felt like you were at a gathering with close friends. I understand that many students were out of town because of the break, but what was everyone else’s excuse? I guess I don’t really have a beef because I gave up my season tickets, but I still go and support the team. No matter how bad that they are I still enjoy the gameday experience. Not going my send a message if enough do it, but it does deprive you of the great time that a college football gameday can bring. The next time that the Boilers are in town will be against Illinois who may still be ranked, and it will also be homecoming. I may actually have to pay some money to see this one.

In all it was a great day, great game, and great seats. I thought that I would split up my posts like last season to give some of my pictures a post of their own. I got some good shots of the band today as well, and I think that they might even get their own post this week. The past is the past, and the Boilers are now 1-0 in conference play. More importantly they are three games away from becoming bowl eligible. Maybe they can get within two games next week against a low scoring Nittany Lions team.


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