The Danny Anthrop Show

Danny Anthrop finds himself all alone on his way to an electrifying punt return

Tonight I continued my tour of West Lafayette high school stadiums with a trip to see Central Catholic play. Being an hour and a half away from home it really doesn’t make sense to drive that far to watch a high school team play. Instead I thought that I would check out a couple of the many schools in my area. Tonight I went across the bridge to see Purdue commit Danny Anthrop and his Central Catholic Knights. Going to the game Anthrop was the only player that I knew on the Knights. I remembered some of the Rensselaer players from seeing them at West Lafayette a couple of weeks ago.

Being the only Knight that I knew I watched Anthrop off the bat. He did not disappoint scoring five touchdowns on the night leading his team to the 42-0 halftime lead. He was pulled at the end of the half so I left because the game was really getting boring. A one sided win is only fun if you are a big fan of one of the schools. Anthrop scored on the ground on the first Knights possession. He really did not factor into that drive until the end of it. He was the next drive as he took the punt to the house to make the score 14-0. He was that drive. Early on the return it appeared he was boxed in and down. The opposing fans were already cheering. Suddenly Anthrop came out of the pile to find himself alone. A couple of nifty moves later and he was in the end zone. A nice diving effort after a reception made it 21-0 on the next possession, and he added two more scores to pad his stats for the night.

He really looked good tonight. The question is how good is he really? I have said this before on this site when it comes to evaluating high school talent, I am terrible. Right now it looks as if Anthrop is a big fish in a little pond. It will be interesting to see what he does when he makes the jump to college ball. I hope that he can provide some excitement like he did tonight. I really think that he is more in the mold of a Dan Dierking though. That is saying a lot coming from me as Dierking was one of my favorite players to watch on the field. He really gave it his all when he was out there.

Once again I took the camera to try and dial it in at night. I really need a longer lens so that I can shoot better at night. The added power would help lighten my pictures up a bit. I had a couple nice pictures of Danny’s nice leap into the end zone so I thought that I would share them on here. Who knows where I will end up next week to watch a game. I may just have to head back over to Central to watch West Lafayette play the Knights. I think it could be a really good matchup.

Anthrop trying to dive over a player into the end zone

He didn't clear him, but did get enough distance to make it into the end zone



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