Purdue vs. Notre Dame Photo Gallery

It has been a while since I posted a gallery separate from a post. I had such a cool seat at the end of the game though that I decided to post a few more pictures that did not make the cut of the post. I would normally have cut this post in half, but I decided to have just one long post.

Despite a course full of cars some golfers decided to tee it up anyway

A panoramic view of the field just before the teams entered

The Boilers take the field. It was really the last time that the home crowd had something to cheer about

The Irish take the field

Caleb TerBush practices throwing to Antavian Edison prior to the game

Can the band call timeouts?

The practice before the game did not pay off as the TerBush to Edison pass to start the game was picked off

The best tackle of an Irish player all night was by another Irish player

O.J. Ross is surrounded by Irish players

Tommy Rees just overthrowing Michael Floyd

Tyler Eifert just missing a touchdown as well

Rees to Floyd was a familiar refrain all night

Robert Marve trying to move the Boiler offense

It was at this moment that they knew it was love

One of the Purdue trick plays that literally blew up in their face

The center looks like some sort of animal in this picture

Atavian Edison tries for some extra yards as former Slicer Kyle James looks on

Edison trying to make something happen

Wiggs makes a field goal to get some points on the board

Chris Carlino close in on John Goodman

Albert Evans looks into the Notre Dame backfield

An absolutely huge hole for Cierre Wood to run through

This was about how most of the tackles Saturday night ended up for the Boilers

Tommy Rees looks over the defense to see what he can exploit next

Rees back to pass

The refs wore pink to bring awareness to breast cancer

Why not hand out a high five while returning a kick?

Aaron Lynch sacking TerBush late in the game

If you are a big man double digit numbers are a must. Also the refs appears to be listening to Poison in the background

Aaron Lynch getting held while rushing the passer

Austin Collinsworth eying up Crosby Wright



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