Goodbye Ozzie

Ozzie in the better times

Over the last two days I have seen people cheering the end of the Ozzie Guillen era in Chicago. For some reason I am not so happy. I guess it is due to the fact that I remember how much excitement he brought to the South Side. He managed the Sox to their first World Series title since 1917 in just his second year as the manager of the Sox. He also was never boring as the manager of the team. I guess he is hoping that he can bring the good times to the Marlins.

Ozzie having some fun as the Frank Thomas statue was unveiled

Looking at things impartially I guess that maybe it is time for a change. With the roster the Sox had this season it is unthinkable that they could not win the weak division that they are in.  While most of the fans pin the blame on the manager I have trouble believing that he could have hit the wrong button that many times. With the relationship that he had with Kenny Williams it was time for someone to go. Now Ozzie will get to entertain the fans in South Florida.

Where do the Sox go from here? I had the same feeling this morning when I read that it was official as I had in 1986 when Tony LaRussa was let go. I have absolutely no clue who management will bring in to try and right the Sox ship. Joey Cora will be the manager for the rest of this short season. He will make a great manager somewhere, but I think that his close ties to Ozzie may keep him from starting his management career for the Sox. The rumors of Tony LaRussa coming back are still floating around. For some reason I can’t imagine him coming back 25 years after he was fired by the Hawk. It will be interesting over the next few months as the new manager is found. I really don’t know who could replace Ozzie. He always had something to say. Hopefully it is not Mike Quade though.


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