Friday Night Lights

A great run by one of the Rennsellaer running backs Friday night

There is something about going to a high school football game that I love. There is a smell that you start to get as you near the stadium. Part of it is the hot dogs and popcorn that the parents sell at the concession stands. The other part has to do with the smells of the field. I have really missed that this fall so far. With everything going on and being so far from my hometown team I have not attended a game yet. Last night I thought it would be nice to try one. West Lafayette plays their home games less than a mile from my apartment. Why not finally get out and see a game?

The trouble with a multi back option system is that the quarterback is always getting hit

Another reason that I wanted to get out was to try out my new camera. I have tried it in multiple situations, but another good test is under the uneven lights of a high school football game. My new camera has a ISO of 6400 so I should be able to shoot a little better in these type of situations. I have been wanting to try it out, but the timing has never been right. Last night things seemed to work out for me.

I won’t get too much into the specifics of the game here. When I walked into the stadium West Lafayette was already up 20-0 over Renssellaer. They looked like they might be ready to widen the gap even more when they turned the ball over. Of course I was trying to make my way behind the visitors stands when it happened so I have no clue how the turnover came about. Renssellaer took advantage of the good field position to score the only touchdown for them while I was there all night with under a minute to go in the half.

One of my pictures during halftime as I was trying to look interested

During halftime I came up with a great idea. People were streaming onto the field to capture some images of the homecoming King and Queen festivities. I walked out with them with the intent of staying on the field when the game started again. I took a couple of pictures and acted interested during the show, but really I was scoping out a good place to stand.

A West Lafayette player scores a TD in the fourth quarter to make the score 40-0

The pictures in the post so far were taken from my position near where the West Lafayette players come onto the field. I really had a great vantage point from where I was at. What better place to test the camera than right on the field? I had a few good shots ruined by a dead spot in the lights. With a better lens this would not have been a problem.

In the end I found out that I am still a bit off when it comes to shooting at night. When I zoom in with my lens I still have to drop my shutter speed quite a bit to compensate. With the new camera though I don’t have to drop it quite so far. I think that overall I was fairly pleased with my pictures. I am very excited for next Saturday night under the lights when the Irish come to town to play Purdue. I will have to get a good seat to make the most out of this new camera. If I do get a good seat expect way too many pictures to end up on here.


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