Doing Just What You Are Supposed To Do

Peters Drey lifts up Robert Marve after a Marve touchdown pass

Yesterday Purdue played an inferior opponent, and should have won big. They came out and did just that. They absolutely pummeled Southeast Missouri State 59-0 to earn their second win of the season. The offense looked great yesterday, and the defense was good enough to get the first shutout since 2004. This was a well played game, but I don’t think the score is indicative of how good Purdue is. I actually think that Purdue will still have a tough road ahead of them this season. I do feel better about the team though as they did exactly what they were supposed to do yesterday.

The water tower surrounded by the flags that you come to expect while tailgating

This was the second year in a row that we had a tailgate before the game in the intramural lot. I used to tailgate quite a bit, but since I have gotten a little older it has become more of a once a year kind of thing. That being said I might end up tailgating before the Notre Dame game in two weeks. I just can’t see getting up in time for the tailgates as you need to with all of the noon starts the Boilers seem to get.

Crosby Wright and Caleb TerBush crash into each other trying to tackle the defender who scooped up the O.J. Ross fumble early in the game

Early on you really did not know how the game was going to go for the Boilers. They were playing well, but had not put any points on the board. After a couple of nifty moves trying to get some extra yards O.J. Ross fumbled the ball away leaving some fans in disbelief. Thankfully the ship was righted in time to get a large victory.

What can you really say about the team after a win like that? You knew going in that the Boilers would win. If they lost the game we might as well have saved some money and ditched the football program. Many people expected a close game after the way the team played the first two weeks. I was hoping for something much like we saw, but I did not expect it for sure.

Robert Marve passing from a nice pocket

Instead of breaking down the game I thought that I would touch on a few things that caught my attention in between scores yesterday. The first of those of course was the return of Robert Marve. Last year during our tailgate game Marve went down with his season ending injury. I don’t know if we ever saw quite what he was capable of before he was hurt. During the Middle Tennessee game he looked very good warming up on the sidelines, and I wondered when we would see him. That question was answered in the first half when he jogged out to the huddle. I don’t think many people noticed when he came onto the field. After his first completion I heard people talking about him after his name was announced over the PA system. He only had limited time on the field, but he did lead two nice touchdown drives, and his ball looked good. He also had to run when chased out of the pocket, and he looked alright there as well. I don’t know what more I would have liked to see from him yesterday. I am glad to see Purdue getting some options back at quarterback though. Who the fans will see start the game against Notre Dame in two weeks is just a guess right now. An extra week for Marve to allow his knee to heal will not hurt though.

Will Lucas just lighting up the Redhawks quarterback getting a sack

Will Lucas seemed to be everywhere yesterday. I have no idea what his final numbers were, but he seemed to always be a part of the tackle. Even when they did not call his name he was right there helping out. He really had a good game, and that is good to see out of the young linebacker.

After watching Danny Dierking just kill on special teams for four years I was wondering who would take his place as the man that can’t be blocked. If yesterday is any indication it will be freshman Raheem Mostert. He started off very strong making a couple of nice tackles. Of course after that he was double teamed, but he still managed to shed his would be blockers. He may be the man to watch on kick offs this season.

For the next couple of weeks I really don’t know if we will know how much of this game was the improved Boilers, or just how bad SEMO really is. Notre Dame looked very good knocking off #15 Michigan State last night. They still had three turnovers so maybe that will help equalize things for the Boilers. I don’t know that too many breaks have gone the way of the Boilers over the last couple of years. Maybe under the lights in front of a large audience they will finally have luck on their side.

Here are some pictures that did not make the body of this post. I always pick out a few, and then of course can’t fit them in. Instead of a photo gallery like last season I thought that I would just put everything in one post.

How do you know that you are at a good tailgate? When you drink enough jello shots to find Waldo you are off to a good start

The Purdue cheerleaders celebrate a first quarter touchdown

Ralph Bolden leaning in trying to score. I must confess that this picture was taken with my camera, but not by me. I liked it enough though that I thought I would post it.

Ryan Russell all over the SEMO quarterback

This was a great play by Joe Holland. Here he sheds a blocker with his right hand while making the tackle with his left arm. Say what you will about the kid he has heart

Antavian Edison getting absolutely lit up after making a catch. Robert Marve tossed a laser to him, but he paid the price for the yardage

Here Edison streaks into the end zone for a touchdown on a run play. He really is exciting to watch

Brandon Taylor getting in on the fun sacking the SEMO quarterback

The view from our sweet free seats on the 50. I wish I could have these for every game


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