Crosby Stills the Horse

Mason Crosby watches his game winning field goal sail through the uprights as time expires

My new job and moving to Lafayette has made posting here a little harder lately. I have lost the bug as well for writing so I have not been as quick to post as normal. I normally do not watch the NFL that much. I will catch most of the Packer game on TV, but I love the college game so much more. I don’t attend the NFL that much either because it is just way too expensive. This past Friday though things clicked just right so that I would attend a NFL preseason game. My Packers were facing the Colts just an hour from Lafayette. It was the start of my birthday weekend as well. The two factors combined led to me finding a  nice cheap ticket on StubHub to watch the game.

Curtis Painter connects with Reggie Wayne for a 57 yard touchdown to put the Colts on the board

I really expected to see the Packers route the Colts. The Colts were without Peyton Manning and did not look that great at all during the only preseason game I had seen so far. I did not expect Curtis Painter to do that well against the Packer defense. I loved watching him at Purdue, but he just hasn’t had the reps in the pros yet. Curtis came out and surprised everyone by having a very solid game.

Aaron Rodgers handing off to Ryan Grant in the second quarter

The Packer offense was not bad when the first team players were on the field. A key holding penalty took a touchdown away that would have been huge early in the game. After the first team left the offense became very stale. Things really looked bleak late in the game for the Packers. I know that it was just a preseason game, but I wanted to see my team win. Graham Harrell seemed to seal the Packers fate when his pick led to a Colts touchdown that put them up eight with little time left. I had just saw the Seth Morales play against Ohio State earlier in the week so I know what a good quarterback can do after a pick. Harrell led a very nice drive that led to a touchdown and then the two point conversion. A gutsy onside kick call gave the Pack the ball with a few seconds left on the clock. They got into field goal range so that with time running out Mason Crosby would have a chance to win the game. His kick was true, and the Pack won a meaningless game. Meaningless in the record books, but the 11 points in 35 seconds was a great way to start the weekend.

Here are some pictures that did not make the body of this post:

The "Packer" Cheerleaders were introduced before the game

Curtis Painter is sacked by Clay Matthews early in the game.

Dwight Freeney bearing down on Aaron Rodgers


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