Gary Uses Huge First Inning to Get Past Sioux City

Chris Medina signing a baseball for me

Last night I attended my second Railcats game in as many days. As hot as it was during the day I knew that it would be a beautiful night for a ballgame. The promotion for the night was solo night. They had a cup stacking champ on hand as well as a kid dressed as a solo cup. They even had American Idol contestant Chris Medina on hand to sing a solo. I went to the game solo only to find out that it was buy one ticket get one free night. That really didn’t jive with the whole solo theme. Before the game I had Medina sign a baseball for me. I collect baseballs so I have anyone famous sign one. He laughed when I gave it to him and said that he had never signed a ball before. It is not easy to do, and he did a great job for his first time. He sang before the game, and I guess was going to leave shortly afterwards and head to Norway to perform. His current single is at #1 there. It must be quite a change to go from Gary, Indiana to Norway but that is the life of someone in the public eye.

TJ Bohn watching his first inning home run leave the yard. Maybe now he can afford a razor

The Railcats did not get off to a great start in the first inning. Starter Derrick Gordon walked the first batter of the game. In my mind was the Hawk saying something about the dreaded leadoff walk. It turned out to be the case as TJ Bohn took an easy swing on a pitch and easily sent it out of the stadium in left field. He had some help from the wind, but the homer was just brute strength. Gordon got out of the inning without any further damage.

Mike Valadez scoring the sixth run of the first inning. He also knocked in two with a two out single

The Railcats then proceeded to put on a show in the bottom of the inning. They scored six runs while bringing 11 men to the plate. They really turned the tide of the game quickly. Mike Valadez knocked in two during the inning as well as scoring the sixth run. The only problem with all of the first inning scoring was the fact that the first inning took almost an hour to play. Even in the best conditions a nine inning game would be hard to sit through.

Derrick Gordon looking evil delivering a pitch in the first inning

Derrick Gordon settled down to pitch a very nice game. He allowed three runs on seven hits while striking out eight in just over five innings of work. He used up a lot of his pitches in the first inning, but really battled the rest of his time in the game. Will Krout came in to relieve him, and was really lights out.

Nick Schumacher delivering a pitch during the first inning of the game

Explorers starter Nick Schumacher was a player that I saw last season in the Midwest League. He was an all star pitcher for the Fort Wayne Tincaps. I know that it is hard to do, but if you take out that terrible first inning he had he pitched a good game. He only allowed another run in the next four plus innings. Of course that first inning counted so he took the loss on the night.

The Railcats won 7-3 and are now 12-12 on the season. They really make these games fun to come to. While the crowd was not quite as big as the day before the fans really seemed to be into the game. This was my fourth game of the season, and it was the fourth win that I witnessed. At some point they may have to start paying me to attend the games.

This is my 1,00oth post on this site. I started off very small with just a picture or two to go along with a paragraph. This site has morphed into many things over the four plus years I have been writing, but has always come back to my experiences at the games. It is amazing to me how many people follow a site where a guy just talks about going to sporting events. I would like to think that my writing and photography have improved over 1,000 posts, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement. Maybe I will have turned a corner by post #2,000.


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