Railcats vs. Goldeyes Photo Gallery

I really was having fun taking pictures yesterday so I took more than I normally would. I was trying a few new things, and actually snapped a couple of good pictures in the process. Here are a few that I liked for one reason or another:

A young fan throws out one of the first pitches of the game

Carlos May shares a laugh with Brian Grening after throwing out his first pitch

Former Railcat Louis Ott having some fun while warming up prior to the game

Ott getting into a staring contest with the baseball. I think the ball won

Judging by the look on his face Goldeye pitcher Chris Salamida knew how his first inning of work was going to go

Adam Klein makes a nice running catch to end the first inning

Klein then sliding into first after leading off the bottom of the first with a triple. Former Railcat Louis Ott jumping to try and get a high throw

Adam Klein trying to break up a double play with Price Kendall trying to turn it

Kendall turned the double play, but needed to get some air to do so

Chris Carrara making a catch in right field

Kendall going high again to turn a double play

Sometimes after the double play things can get awkward

Lorenzo Scott popping a ball up out of play

Goldeye shortstop Wes Long jumping at second to avoid getting hit

Rascal having some fun with the fans

Mike Rohde playing third with a South Shore train going past the stadium


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