Great Scott!

Lorenzo Scott watching his first inning triple track towards the outfield fence

Yesterday I found myself back at the Steelyard for the Railcats game against the Goldeyes of Winnipeg. I was unsure of which game to see on this homestand, but the announcement that Carlos May would be at the Sunday game sealed the deal. I did not know too much about Carlos, but after reading his story I knew that I wanted to meet him.

Carlos May signing the glove of a young fan

When the Railcats have had other dignitaries signing at games you had to get to the stadium early in order to get a good spot in line. I rushed into the stadium and around the kids getting their free baseball gloves. I knew that Carlos was supposed to be in the Stadium Club in right field, but I saw no signs on my way out there. I was shocked when I saw him at a table up against the building with no line. Many people had already entered the stadium before I did, and nobody thought to get his autograph? I had him sign a ball for me, and one for a future contest on this site. I really wish I had taken some of my cards of him for him to sign. A few people trickled in and out, but nobody really seemed interesting in the former ball player in right field. That is too bad. He had a great career ahead of him before he lost his right thumb while with the Marine Reserves. He still came back and had a very good career despite losing the thumb on his throwing hand. I was happy to meet him, and since nobody was around I asked a Railcats employee if they would take my picture with Carlos. I had already taken some pictures of him so I knew that my camera was working. For some reason though whenever I stepped into the frame with Carlos the camera would show an error message. Thankfully they had a camera to take my picture with. Today during lunch I saw that they sent it to me as promised. I guess I really was meant to be behind this camera instead of in front of it. Carlos was also honored before the game, and even threw out the first pitch. It was nice to meet one of the sluggers from the Sox teams of the 70’s.

Adam Klein hitting his first inning triple

The Railcats got off to a great start when Adam Klein lead off the bottom of the first with a triple. It looked as if he might stay there though with two outs and some new outfielder at the plate. That new guy was Lorenzo Scott who was making his Railcats debut. Scott looked like an athlete, but you never know what someone will do off the bat. What he did was hit a triple into left center field that brought home two runs, and started things off right for the Railcats. In the third inning he walked, stole second, and scored on a Mike Rohde single. He accounted for all three Railcats runs on the day, and really was the reason that they won this game from an offensive standpoint. If this is how he starts his Railcat career I would love to see what he does for an encore.

Nolan Nicholson dealing early in the game Sunday

Nolan Nicholson started the game for the ‘Cats and had a great day on the mound. He only allowed two hits in the 7.2 innings that he pitched. He really was great on the mound. The first hit that he allowed in the fifth inning was just a little bloop over the second baseman’s head. With two outs in the fifth the jinxed words were starting to come into my mind. Of course right away a ball is blooped to short centerfield. Nicholson did not give up another hit until the eighth when he allowed the last batter he faced to get on base. He really was good, and deserved his first win of the season.

The light was really good yesterday so I took a few pictures. I had way to many to use in this post so I decided that I should just give them a post of their own. Look for that one a little later today.



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