Railcats Take Extra Time to Finish Off Wingnuts

Rusty doesn't know what happened in the ninth either

Last year I attended both kids day games at the Steel Yard. This time of the year day games are the way to go as the temperature drops quickly at night. I actually attended the first kids day game a year to the date. The next day the Railcats played fourteen innings. Today they needed twelve, but took care of the Wichita Wingnuts.

The view from my seats early on as Wichita warms up

I remembered last year how the beginning of the game can be hard to take from the main stands. I bought a ticket in right field to start off. I knew from last year that after an hour or so the schools start to go home, and good seats open up. I actually moved very quickly to the third base side after an aborted attempt to get lunch. After waiting for a couple of minutes in the pizza line I realized that they didn’t have any, and you needed coupons to buy anything. This is the only ballpark I know of that sells Connie’s, and they chose not to today. What is going on? An inning later I decided to just get something from the one stand that you could use money at. They line was not too long so I jumped in it. I was in line for two innings waiting for my food. I was only six people deep, but it was crazy watching how out of whack they were back there. Luckily I could just turn around and watch the action while in line.

Starter Derrick Gordon pitches with the hero of the game Jeff Beachum behind him at first

Oh yeah I should talk about the game huh? Gary really had control of this game the entire time. They scored two runs in the second inning, and got a great pitching performance from starter Derrick Gordon. Derrick pitched on Opening Night Friday, and had a good outing then as well. Sadly with nobody on and two outs in the ninth the Railcats could not hold the lead. As the second out was made I started towards the exit in right field. By the time I made the short trip to my car the ‘Cats had given up the lead.

In the twelfth inning Gary finally stopped the game when Jeff Beachum singled home Brad Boyer who led off with a triple to give the Railcats the win. By this time most of the 4,200+ fans had left the stadium. They did give those that stayed a show though. I am now 2-0 when attending Gary games this year. 3-0 if you count the exhibition game. Maybe I should be put on the Gary payroll.

As usual I have some other pictures I would like to post that did not make the body. Here they are:

A view from my seat

Rusty and Rascal make a grand entrance

I love how the Wingnut reliever is reacting as if he was hit by the Jeep

Mike Rohde hitting a line drive that flew just over my head. This year I have had a couple close calls.

The kids dancing to Jeff Beachum's walk up song which is a Justin Bieber song. Last year I couldn't figure out why Jeff walked up to a woman. That is just another sign of how old I am getting

Christian Guerrero with an RBI single in the seventh

Is this Gary reliever Will Krout or John Lennon?


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