Purdue Haase Another Series Win

Purdue pitcher Joe Haase dealing against Indiana

Yesterday I was in West Lafayette to see Purdue get the win over Indiana 6-2 to win the series with the Hoosiers as well as keep them in a first place tie with Michigan State. I know that this post is late, but that is part of the fun of having a blog. I really have no deadlines. I stayed in West Lafayette, and did not have time for a post last night.

I was excited about seeing Purdue play after the game near me in Valpo was washed out Tuesday. They have been playing really well, and they are worth the price of admission. The game against Valpo would have been a good one with both teams at the top of their respective leagues. That did not happen though so I decided to take in a game against the Hoosiers. Purdue playing Indiana in any sport is fun to watch. The rivalry brings out the best (or worst) in the fans and players. The stakes are the same as any other Big Ten game, but it just feels much bigger. Over the course of this school year I saw the football and basketball teams take on the Hoosiers, so why not in baseball?

A very strong wind played a big factor in this game. A couple of balls that should have gone out of the yard did not because of the very strong wind blowing straight in. The ball also was very hard to judge based on the wind. A routine fly ball to right field ended up being a nice catch crashing into the fence in foul ground. This is the game that tests your ability to react to the ball.

Joe Haase pitches with several Purdue football and basketball players in the background

The biggest factor in the game though was Purdue pitcher Joe Haase. He pitched a very strong 8 2/3 innings when his team needed him to do it. With the status of Brad Schreiber up in the air Joe needed to save the bullpen. He did more than that striking out six on the day while only allowing one earned run. This was my first time seeing Haase pitch. I was not disappointed.

Dustin DeMuth with a big swing

Another reason I wanted to go to the game was to see former Slicer standout Dustin DeMuth playing for the Hoosiers. I admittedly never saw him play for the Slicer baseball team, but I did enjoy watching him quarterback the Slicer football team for four years. It is nice to see him playing at the next level, but I just wish it wasn’t for the Hoosiers. He has been having a great freshman season, but did go 0-4 today from the leadoff spot. He did score a run though after being walked.

Two very talented young players in the Big Ten, Dustin DeMuth and Cameron Perkins

This was not a pretty game to watch with the wind playing havoc on both teams, but the right team won in the end. The game assured the Boilers of the series win, and more importantly kept them in first place in the Big Ten. It is fun to watch the game from inside the stadium, but the fans on the hill made their presence known at the end of the game by chanting “IU Sucks.” It was not the classiest statement in the world, but also true.

I will post my scorecards for the game once I get them scanned in.


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