White Sox vs. Athletics Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday at the game that did not make the cut of the post. Being at one of the lowest attended games I have ever been to had some advantages. I could have moved around wherever I wanted to, but I liked my seat enough that I stayed in it until the 8th inning. With the lefties on the mound I had a good view of them. Here are some of the pictures that I liked from yesterday.

The statue of Minnie Minoso in right field looks great in the sun

Gordon Beckhams followthrough

Alex Rios pounds one into the ground to end the first

As catcher Kurt Suzuki having some trouble with the transfer. He would give up a stolen base this way later in the game

Hideki Matsui missing big on a pitch...

...but he would take the next one deep for the only run off of Danks

I just like how this picture makes Andy LaRoche look way early on a Danks offering

Juan Pierre coming in to score after a Gordon Beckham double

Alexei Ramirez breaking his bat. You can see some of the pieces in front of him

I imagine after getting picked off twice already all Harold Baines had to say to Juan Pierre was stay close

Former Sox catcher Joel Skinner giving up his mask to Kurt Suzuki

Hey! Adam Dunn made contact!

Carlos Quentin watching a hit go off to the right side

Chris Sale can make balls float in the air. He just needs to work on making them miss bats

Alexei putting down a nice bunt in the 8th to move the runner over.


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