Purdue Spring Game Photo Gallery

I wasn’t at the spring game very long today. The Boiler baseball team was playing a great game at Lambert, and the football game is not my type of event. I don’t like All Star, All Pro, or other games that have no meaning. I walked into the stadium just in time to witness the Carson Wiggs show right before the half. He was nailing field goal after field goal culminating with a 67 yarder that sent the fans into a frenzy. The rest of the time that I was in Ross Ade today was spent watching the former players interact with the crowd. Mike Alstott was really bombarded with autograph and picture requests, but he signed everyone. He even looked happy to do it. Some great Boilers from the past were back today, but I must have missed Bob Greise who was supposed to be there. Here are some of the pictures from my time at the game today, and I think I even have one of game action thrown in.

Carson Wiggs hitting the 67 yard field goal just before the break

I love the reaction of the fan in the background as Keith Smith is introduced to the crowd

Morgan Burke showing Kyle Orton his cradle jacket

Kyle Orton acknowledging the crowd after getting his jacket

I just found it funny that Mike Alstott was taking pictures of other people

The former Boilers who came back for the game

He look! There was a game.

Two damn good defensive ends, Roosevlet Colvin and Ryan Kerrigan


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