Boilers Continue to Roll

A high five for a job well done

The Boilers won their second game against Michigan in as many days with a 7th inning rally today. Of course that was one of the innings I was at the football game so I missed it all. They have really looked good over the last couple of days against a team that was picked second in the conference in the preseason. I have had so much fun at the games the last couple of days that I will probably stay down here to see the final game tomorrow. Here are some pictures from the game today.

The hammer on the outfield wall makes for a good backdrop

Pitcher Brad Schreiber waiting out a Big Ten Network delay

A rare broken bat bat in college. Aluminum bats usually don't break

The batboy trying to put the bat back together

Stephen Talbott grounds out to the third baseman

Eric Charles thrown out at the plate. He returned the favor the next inning.

Sean McHugh fouling a ball off. It doesn't look like it, but the ball came within about four feet of my head. This camera may kill me someday

Brad Schreiber throwing home

Blake Mascarello with a pitch. He was the winning pitcher for the game

Blake with another pitch

Nick Wittgren pitched to one batter for the save. That is his second in as many days

Nick pitching with the Boilermakers writing on the tarp

Edit: As with the post from yesterday’s game I could not post the scorecards right away because I was on the road. Here are the sheets from the Saturday game.

The Michigan side of the scorecard

The Purdue Boilermakers side of the scorecard


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