Diamondbacks @ Cubs Photo Gallery

It is a good thing that I am not a respectable site because waiting two days to post these pictures would not normally be a good thing. Being a blog though I can kind of do things on my own schedule. I was going to bypass this gallery, but I had a couple pictures that I wanted to show. I threw a couple more in just for good measure. Looking at these pictures with the sun and short sleeves it is hard to believe the last time I was in Wrigley was for a cold football game. At least no rules were changed just prior to the game Wednesday. They still both hit facing the scoreboard. Here are the pictures from Tuesdays game:

Ryan Dempster was taking a lot of grounders at second during batting practice. Could he be the next Cub second baseman?

This is how baseball players should look.They do get paid to play a game after all.

Justin Upton hates when Chris Young shows off his floating ball trick

Former Tiger Armando Gallaraga getting some work in the day before his start

Joe Paterson and his unique delivery

Hitting coach Don Baylor talks to Justin Upton as Chris Young hits in the cage

Aramis Ramirez thinks he hit the ball out, but it came up just short

This picture of Alfonso Soriano hitting a foul ball reminds me of one I took of Pat Burrell 11 years earlier

Two of my favorite Cubs. Marlon Byrd celebrates with Tyler Colvin after Tyler hit a third inning home run

Jeff Samardzija with another pitch

Samardzija wondering it he will have to use this thing. Thankfully he did not have to bat

This picture is not here for Samardzija as much as it is for what is going on behind him. Starlin Castro is spitting a big one, and Alfonso Soriano is checking out his jersey

Cubs reliever Marcos Mateo and his unique followthrough

Justin Upton gets a base hit late in the game

Justin Upton unsuccessfully tries to break up the double play as Starlin Castro throws to first


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