Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians Opening Day Photo Gallery (Pregame)

I was so happy to be in warmer weather watching baseball that I took many pictures Friday. In order to keep it under control I have split the posts up a little. Today I will post pictures from the pregame activities, and tomorrow I will post the game pictures. I have many more pictures from before the game so this will get long. Here is the first of two sets of pictures from Opening Day:

A panoramic of Progressive Field before the game

A couple of the ways that the Indians are honoring Bob Feller

A wreath and some things left by fans at the foot of the Feller statue

Another view of the Feller statue

Some of the signage around the park for Bob Feller

The ballpark sign at Gate C with the Caston tower in the background

The Indians honor the classic skit "Who's On First" with large letters at the Gate C entrance. Of course they are covered with people

My first Sox picture of 2011 is of Chris Sale. Even bent down like this he is taller than me I bet

A.J. Pierzynski went around to all the players before the game talking to them. Here he is with Sergio Santos

Besides Mark Buehrle my two favorite left handers during long toss

New aquisition Adam Dunn waiting to hit at the cage

Dunn and Paul Konerko talking about hitting

One of my favorites Alexei Ramirez after his turn in the cage

Gordon Beckham with a backhanded grab...

...and the throw to first

Omar Vizquel practicing his home run pose

I love this view of the scoreboard

Another way the Indians have honored Bob Feller in the upper deck

The foul line getting painted on

The sign for Heritage Park outside the stadium pointing to where it is inside the stadium

Second base is put in while the infield is watered down

Juan Pierre's bat on the grass. Remember what grass looks like?

Juan Pierre warming up with the large jersey of Bob Feller in the background

Alex Rios and Juan Pierre talk prior to the game

Brent Morel playing catch with himself before the game. Baseball doesn't get much more pure than this

The entire Indians team wore the #19 in honor of Bob Feller during the pregame introductions

Balloons are released as the National Anthem is completed


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