Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians Opening Day Photo Gallery (Part 2)

When I was writing part one earlier I really did not think that I had too many decent pictures from the actual game Friday. The seating is great to watch the game, but if you want to sit down low and take a picture it is almost impossible. The way the seats are aligned a head is almost always in the way. I did manage to get a few in though. Here are the pictures from during the game:


A secret that can only be shared between two Cabrera's

Gordon Beckham stands on second after his first inning double

Adam Dunn with a big swing in the first inning

Orlando Cabrera has a Napoleon complex

Indians pitching coach Tim Belcher asking Fausto Carmona if he wouldn't mind getting a couple of outs

Mark Buehrle during his ninth Opening Day start

Orlando Cabrera throwing the ball to first and modeling the Feller patch on his right sleeve

The end for Fausto Carmona as the rest of the team meets on the mound

The hot dog race brought the home fans the most excitement all game

Newly aquired pitcher Jesse Crain was up and cheering on the hot dogs

Mark Teahen catching a ball in the outfield

Carlos Santana hitting his home run

I think A.J. is asking new pitcher Will Ohman if he wouldn't mind missing a bat to two

Even with the fan in the way I love this picture of Lastings Milledge trying to keep his helmet on running out his double

Chris Sale gets his first action of the year

The Opening Day logo on the field

Shin Soo Choo hitting a ball out of play

Carlos Santana throwing down to third after a strikeout

Jesse Crain's unique followthrough with more bunting in the background

Carlos Santana watching another ball off his bat



2 thoughts on “Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians Opening Day Photo Gallery (Part 2)

    • If I didn’t watch him field that day he would be my favorite of the newcomers. He just plays with that childish enthusiasm. I wish the guy hadn’t jumped up so I could have had more of Harold in the shot.

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