Raise Another Banner! (JaJuan Johnson is an All American!)


JJ ready to throw it down

I am a day late on this, but felt that I needed to write something positive the way the last couple of days have gone. Yesterday the AP All American selections were announced. With his inclusion JaJuan is now a consensus All American. That means that he will have a banner in the rafters along with Glenn Robinson, John Wooden, and Rick Mount. This is a great accomplishment for a great guy.


JJ with that tough fade away

What a great day it will be next fall when the newly renovated Mackey Arena opens. It will be a big deal for many reasons, but one of them will be seeing JJ’s banner in the rafters. As I said earlier in a post before senior night I was not too high on him as a freshman. He was just another skinny kid inside. What good could he possibly do us? It turns out he could do a lot for Purdue. He will leave Purdue as the #7 scorer all time. He is also second in blocks. JJ and teammate E’Twaun Moore will leave with more wins than any other class. He was part of a great turnaround for the school. This skinny kid went from being a great dunker to a great player. He worked hard to develop a jump shot. That shot was the key in a last second win against Penn State. He made so many of those fade away shots that we were shocked when one did not go in.

With all the negativity surrounding Purdue lately good news is greatly appreciated. What is a shame is the timing of the AP announcement. Yesterday it was just by chance that I saw it with all the clutter online. What should have been a celebrated story was buried by rumors. JJ deserves his moment in the sun. It will be hard to schedule, but it would be great if he could make it back to Mackey next season to see his banner unveiled.


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