Purdue vs. VCU Photo Gallery

This will be the last photo gallery with JuJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore. It has been fun trying to capture part of their careers with my camera. Here are the last images that I will take of them in a Purdue uniform. I was in the 300 level so I had to adjust a bit to how I normally take pictures.


Smooge warming up before the game

This really looks as if Sandi needs some help from the ref

The team comes out for the first half

The Purdue flag flying proudly at center court

Matt Painter trying to fire up the troops prior to the game

Lewis Jackson getting fouled on his way to the hoop

Painter trying to get his team in order during a tv timeout

LewJack shooting one of his free throws

JJ with an easy bucket. There were not many of these last night

Smooge trying to block a shot

DJ Byrd awaits the ball to start the second half

LewJack getting blocked on the way to the rim

JJ shooting a free throw

JJ getting an easy slam

E'Twaun with a layup late as JJ watches

I think that this floater was the last points scored for Purdue for Smooge. He finishes his career #3 on the all time list for the Boilers

LewJack with a contested layup late. He missed it...

...but JJ put it in for him

The second to last shot of JJ's career. He finished as the #6 scorer all time at Purdue

The last bucket of JJ's career. I wasn't going to include it because I was late taking it, and the flashes from the real photographers washed most of it out. I liked what it meant enough that I ended up putting it in.


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