Purdue vs. Saint Peter’s Photo Gallery

Here are a few of the pictures that I took last night during the Purdue game. I got lucky and ended up in the Purdue section for the game. I had great seats thanks to another Boiler fan. That meant that for at least one more game I would have a good angle instead of the helicopter view. Here are some of the pictures that I liked.


The Peacock gets on TV, and all he can do is put his arms in the air like he is being arrested. Did they borrow their mascot from Jimmy Buffet?

The opening tip that never really made it over the players

Coach Painter making some points in the huddle. I just liked the picutre because it appears as if JJ has a nice goatee going. Of course it is just part of the #50 on Travis Carroll's jersey

JJ going up for a basket after the whistle. He could have slammed it, but just flipped it up instead

E'Twaun with a beautiful reverse in the second half

JJ at the line

Terone Johnson and his one handed shooting style

Smooge trying to make an alley oop work...

...with no sucees. All he can do is flip it up

JJ grabbed the rebound of the E'Twaun missed and tried a shot of his own

Terone just missed JJ for a second dunk on the inbounds. As you can see it was just a little too high

LewJack intently listening in the huddle

Purdue really took over the St. Peter's section. Will they do the same against VCU?

JJ with a fadeaway that even frazzled the St. Peter's coach

When you are taken out of the game with four minutes left all you can do is pick out women in the crowd

Really Sandi? Marcius trying a fadeaway

Terone running out the clock at the end

E'Twaun appears mobbed after the game

JJ posing for Tom Campbell after the game

The Purdue radio team helps Coach Painter scout the VCU-Georgetown game

This was impressive. The cheerleader went the length of the floor and back on her hands. Was this guy helping or just gawking though?


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