Women’s NCAA Tournament Picks and Bracket


The top half of my bracket

I don’t have much time so I can’t get into this too much. I will say that I didn’t see too many upsets here. The one big upset that I picked was Ohio State over Tennessee. The Volunteers are not the power they once were, and Ohio State is playing like the team we thought they would be at the start of the season. That should be a great game. I then have Notre Dame taking out Ohio State to move to the Final Four.


The bottom half of the bracket

My picks for the final four are UConn, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Baylor. I have UConn and Baylor in the title game with Baylor getting revenge for the one point loss earlier in the season and winning. This should be a good tourney with some of the top teams being very close. The losses of the #1 seeds were to the other #1 seeds this season. I took Purdue in the first round for obvious reasons. This looks to be a coin flip game so why not take your school? The winner gets UConn at home so it is not too much of a gamble. This has been a strange college season from my perspective as a Purdue fan. I have seen some things that I had not seen before. Now it is tourney time though, and the sins of the season are behind everyone. It is time to start fresh. No game is more important than the one right in front of you. You next loss is your last loss. This is the best time of the year, and we have the luxery of sitting back and enjoying it.


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