Valparaiso Crusaders vs. Iona Gaels Photo Gallery

I moved around a bit tonight, but I managed to get a few decent pictures. Here are some that I liked:

The opening tip is about the last thing that Valpo won tonight

Cory Johnson driving to the hoop early

Jay Harris with a three

Cory Johnson with a tough shot

Brandon Wood getting blocked on his shot

Ryan Broekhoff with a nice block

Brandon Wood with a hanging shot

No effort wasted on this kid. He did everything that he could to stop Iona from making free throws short of tackling them. I think that might have been the next step though

Michael Rodgers with a unique pass

The balloons waving to deter the shooter

Brandon Wood using his body to get off the shot

Homer drew trying to motivate his troops in the huddle

Johnson with another tough shot

Yet again Johnson getting hammered while shooting

Matt Kenney driving to the hoop

Howard Little shooting a free throw late

Cory Johnson by himself late in the game. It has to be a horrible feeling knowing that you are at the end


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