Kelsey Barlow Suspended For the Rest of the Season

Kelsey Barlow near the rim earlier this season

I go a few hours without checking the internet, and huge news comes out of Purdue on the eve of the tournament. According to Shakespeare Julius Caesar was told by a soothsayer “Beware the Ides of March.” Apparently nobody told that to Kelsey.

I am always making jokes to the people around me about how much Painter has to get on Kelsey. Sometimes it seems as if you are not always getting his best effort. When you get him going though he is fun to watch. He has provided a lot of entertainment the last couple of seasons against our rival Indiana. I was really looking forward to how he would react to all of the trash talk coming from St. Peter’s. I will never know now.

He was suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team.” Nobody seems to know what that means, and we probably never will. It is a shame that a kid with that much talent can’t seem to put everything together. He really has some skills. He is a student favorite for his big dunks, and probably his brashness. For some reason I have always liked him. I just kept waiting for the superstar to emerge.

Now I think his future at Purdue might be up in the air. This is a bad time to get kicked off the team. From what I have read this might not have been for one incident, but a building of incidents. To put yourself in jeopardy to be kicked off a couple of days before the tourney is just crazy. You not only hurt yourself, but your team. That being said I love that in a time when coaches keep coming under fire for being less than moral Matt Painter is sticking to his guns. He runs the program a certain way. If you don’t play his way then you will not play. I hope that we will see Kelsey in a Purdue uniform in the future because I think that he can really help this team. For now we will just have to rely on someone else to step up and take his minutes.

Now there is some talk about how John Hart won’t make the trip either. I have no idea what this could be, but this team really does not need anything else right now. They have enough going on just before the tourney. Although he has not been playing much lately so it is not a huge deal. This is not how you want to go into the tourney.


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