Purdue Headed to Chicago!

Well I got my wish, and the Boilers are headed to Chicago. Since you cannot get tickets through Purdue I have already purchased mine through ticketmaster. I don’t like giving them money, but with Notre Dame in the pod as well I did not want to take any chances by waiting. I will be stuck in the 300 level so I will be using my camera more like a telescope instead of using it to take pictures.

Purdue starts off Friday with the St. Peters Peacocks. Are they sure they couldn’t get one more way to describe a penis in there? I had never heard of the school until their name was announced along with the Boilers.  The Peacocks beat Iona to get the automatic bid from the MAAC. Looking at their season stats nothing really stands out as being anything to worry about. On paper we should wax this team. Of course we are on a two game losing streak so who am I to say who should beat who. We will have a size advantage against these guys so this should be a cakewalk.

If (when) Purdue beats St. Peters their are three possibilities right now for who they would play. That is because of this new first round play in system. Southern Cal will face Virginia Commonwealth in Dayton for the right to play Georgetown in Chicago. With my record of predictions I don’t even want to touch this on who should win any of these games. I will just go with my pick and pray method.

I can’t wait for Friday now with the game being so close. The fact that I don’t have to travel to the second and third rounds (that is still weird to say) means that if Purdue advances I could end up in San Antonio for the fourth and fifth rounds. I think that if I did that though that a return trip to Houston would be out of the question. I couldn’t see flying in to Texas twice within a week. If I had unlimited money I could just stay there, but this is winter so that is not the case. Once again lets just get through next weekend before worrying about the future beyond that.

I will post my bracket later tonight so everyone can make different picks. If you saw my picks for the mens and womens Big Ten Tournament you will know not to trust what I think. I usually do fairly well in the big tourney, but it seems like the more I get into college basketball the worse I do. When I only watched it passively near the end of the season I seemed to do well. Maybe that has something to do with me just seeing the hot teams play. Another factor is that I am invested heavily in this Purdue team so it will be hard to pick against them. When my bracket is done it will be posted.


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