Purdue Boilermakers vs. Illinois Photo Gallery

Last night I had a moment of panic when I took out my camera, and went to take a picture of the Paint Crew. I had no memory card in it! Luckily I had a spare, but it was full. I quickly prioritized some things, and wiped it clean so that I could get some pictures. I saved most of the space for late in the game and the ceremonies so there is not too much game action this week. Here are some of the pictures that I liked:


JJ comes out onto the court with the Purdue flag flying high and the Paint Crew in a gold out for the seniors

Some of the signs for the seniors

E'Twaun seems to be laughing while tying his shoes and watching the Illini warm up

A look at part of the gold out by the Paint Crew

JJ driving with the ball in the first half

I love signs like this

Some more senior love from the Paint Crew

JJ going up for the slame with an Illini player doing a Captain Morgan pose

JJ at the rim again with Tisdale giving him a leg whip

Smooge all alone for the slam. His head is blocked on the slam. Didn't they get the memo about head placement so I can get a picture?

Ryne Smith and Terone Johnson celebrate a Smith 3

I think Weber is screaming "Stop that Guy!"

It didn't work. Here is E'Twaun for the three

JJ getting hammered shooting a jump shot.

E'Twaun and JJ after a big shot by Smooge

JJ pumping up the crowd late

Smooge leaving the court for the last time

JJ and Smooge embrace after being taken out of the game

A sea of cameras and people surround the players after the game

The framed jerseys on display. On tv you couldn't tell which one was which

JJ posing with his jersey

A handshake for a great career

Coach Painter giving Smooge the ball to commemorate his 2,000 points

Moore posing with the ball and his family

The players showing where they think they will end up at the end of the year



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