Thanks For the Memories: E’Twaun Moore

I think I have already said a lot about E’Twaun in the previous post about JJ. These two seniors have been very fun to watch for four years. Tomorrow night I will see them play one last time in Mackey. Both players have had their signature moments. I think we might have seen E’Twaun’s a couple of weeks ago against Ohio State. His 38 points against the #2 team in the country was huge. On his way to 38 that night E’Twaun scored his 2,000th point as a member of the Boilermakers. I am sure that he will get a ball for that tomorrow night. I have seen a few players get their 1,000th point as a Boiler, but never 2,000. He will leave Purdue having left his mark in the record books, but the most important stat is the fact that he will be part of the duo that won the most games at Purdue.

E’Twaun has played his whole career in the background it seems like. He has had people on the team that have taken the spotlight. He may be the least known 2,000 point scorer in Big Ten history. That being said he has been extremely fun to watch. When looking for pictures for this post I found a few that I liked. I have probably taken more of him than any other player because he just photographs well. He is so smooth that you rarely catch him in an awkward moment. Moore is just fun to watch in person.

When he hit his rough patch scoring earlier this season he did not let it get him down. He was still playing defense, and you just knew that he would break out of his slump shooting. He of course picked the game against Michigan State to do that in front of  a national audience. He is a player that is not afraid of the big stage. That will come in handy as tournament season is about to start. No stage is bigger. Here are a few pictures from late last season of the one known as ‘Smooge.’

Moore with his pull up floater against Goldy last season

Smooge driving against Wisky last year

It looks like Moore is jumping Penn State's Talor Battle here

Moore with an acrobatic shot against Penn State last year

Moore with the flush last season

E'Twaun with the floater against Illinois last season

Smooge warming up on senior night last season

Moore going up strong against Northwestern in the Big Ten Tournament last year

Moore against A&M in Spokane last year

Moore getting picked up to celebrate the huge win over A&M to send the Boilers to the Sweet Sixteen

Moore driving against Duke in Houston last year. I would love to see them in Houston again this year!


As I said in the Johnson post if anyone from the Paint Crew reads this and has a spare senior night shirt I sit above the #118 in Mackey. I have the shirt from last season, and wore it in Indy, Spokane, and Houston. I would like to repeat that feat this season ending in Houston.


One thought on “Thanks For the Memories: E’Twaun Moore

  1. Etwann we live in Evansville and drive 4 hours to get to ballgames to see our Boilers. We appreciate all of your hard work and your sportsmanship. We love your basketball savvy, skillset and how much you have improved. We love watching your smooth deliveries and your humble personality. You are loved much for being you. We admire your academic work and are thrilled that you are Boilermakers! You make us proud. Thank you for 4 wonderful years with much more to come! We thank you for representing Purdue with class.

    Bill and Kathy Voegel

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