Bobby Jenks Can Close Everything But His Mouth

Bobby Jenks warming up in 2009

This site is normally reserved for my experiences observing sporting events. Every now and then something comes along that gets me fired up. The last time this happened was when Brett Favre was texting pictures of his junk to everybody. Now something else has come along that has me a little riled up.

When he came up in 2005 Bobby Jenks was such a great story. He was a player that was left for dead in the Angels organization. He came up from AA Birmingham and led the club to the World Series title. It takes guts to pitch in the playoffs like he did. He was a great pitcher for some time in Chicago.

That being said he has not been kind to the club since he signed with the Red Sox. Today I read yet another article where he was bad mouthing the club that gave him a chance. He was on the scrap heap when the Sox picked him up. They took an alcoholic that was close to being out of baseball, and gave him a huge chance. Now he has done nothing but trash that organization since he left. Players moving around has become part of baseball. Kenny Williams is not the kind of guy that keeps around dead weight. Sure Hall of Famers like Frank Thomas were shown the door when they were no longer producing. Bobby had a rocky year in 2010, and did not end the season on amicable terms with Ozzie Guillen. We all know that they were having difficulties with how Bobby lost his closers role at the end of the season. Is there any reason to bring up the bad blood every time he is interviewed. Let it go Bobby. They are the reason you are where you are. That is the faith the White Sox had in you. How quickly you forget how they gave you the chance to keep playing. Initially I hoped that you would get it together in Boston. Now I really hope the White Sox put a few runs up on you. Your ego has ballooned along with your weight, and it does not match up to your performance right now.

I used to enjoy hearing P.O.D. come over the speakers at the Cell when Bobby was coming into the game. Now I hope the boom is the sound of the bats on his fastball.


One thought on “Bobby Jenks Can Close Everything But His Mouth

  1. To bad about Bobby. HE was so big for us in 2005 and years following. In defense of athletes it must be hard to know your career could be over before your 35. Of course…they make enough to retire by the time their 30.

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