Purdue Boilermakers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday at the game. I am still beaming from the great win. The win moved Purdue up to #8 in the polls, and put them in the conversation seriously for a #2 seed in the NCAA tourney. A lot of basketball left before we can talk too much about that though. For now let’s just enjoy yesterdays game.


One of the great Paint Crew signs on the day

JJ and E'Twaun on the bench before the game. Nobody expected what was in store

The tip of the big game won by Ohio State

Jared Sullinger working on Travis Carroll

Ryne Smith shooting a three. He did not make it, but I added it to show again how he watches the ball after he shoots

JJ playing some tough defense on Jon Diebler. JJ was called for a foul on the play, but I liked the picture anyway

This is the "I'm not touching you" style of defense

JJ shooting a free throw with the Paint Crew in the background. I like the huge gold JJ on the left side

The matchup we came to see. JJ vs. Sullinger

"Holy $%*&" is how I described this play by E'Twaun as it happened. What a great shot!

Moore with a pull up jumper at the end of the half. This capped a 13 point outburst by him to end the half

Terone Johnson with a lay up made possible by a great pass from Moore. Notice Hummel already up cheering

Kelsey Barlow with a pass down low

Terone Johnson losing the ball near the basket. The Boilers were having some trouble at this point

Sullinger fouling JJ down low. It was fun watching these two go toe to toe

JJ with a fadeaway agaisnt Sullinger

LewJack getting past the defense again

Sullinger with a dunk that pulled the Buckeyes to within four late

Luckily we had this guy. Moore made another of his seven threes on the day to give us a seven point lead

LewJack driving again

LewJack getting past the defense again

The dunk that sealed it. Look at Ryne in the lower right

The aftermath of the dunk. I love the reaction of Ryne

The bench reacting to the dunk

The bench greeting JJ as time expired



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