Another Ohio State vs. Purdue Photo Gallery

With both the mens and womens team playing Sunday I had a few pictures of Ohio State and Purdue on my camera. I took even more pictures at the womens game because it was the last game of the season at home, and they had special uniforms on. I may get to see them play again, but you never know. I wish they were pictures from a win, but you can’t change what happened. Here is possibly the last womens photo gallery of the season.


GABS was really into the pink theme on the day.

Jantel Lavender posting up a tuba during warmups

The noise looks like it started getting to her

You can't blame them though. They bent over backwards to accomidate the Buckeyes who were in their space

Chantel Poston dancing before the game

Courtney Moses with a camera in her face just before the anthem

Drey Mingo gets introduced

Brittany Rayburn just after being introduced getting sent off by her teammates

The opening tip

Chantel pointing in my direction intimidates me

Jantel Lavender posting up Chelsea Jones

Purdue Pete was even sporting a little pink

Courtney Moses moving as she receives a pass

Moses driving with her tongue out like Jordan

Poston looking to pass

Chelsea Jones getting fouled under the basket

Moses with a prayer

Moses holding the ball late

Drey Mingo with an acrobatic shot late. She was huge at the end

Brittany with the ball as the game winds down

Purdue in the huddle discussing the winning play

Brittany Johnson with the game winning three with 0.7 seconds left, and Chantel Poston in her face



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