Indiana Photo Gallery

Finally! Here are the pictures from Tuesday night. Until today I did not know if I even had any good ones. I don’t know how many are good, but here are a few that interested me.

Some of the great signs that the Paint Crew had Tuesday night

A close up of the series of Dwyane Wade signs

E'Twaun asking "where you gonna go?"

Moore with a three in transition. The ball hit the rim two times before it went in

Smooge celebrating that three in his familiar way

Verdell Jones III with a layup

JJ leading with his shoulder

JJ getting mauled. No foul was called on this play

Terone Johnson with a layup attempt before the end of the half. He was called for a charge

Chris Kramer talking to Jerri Painter at halftime

Moore with a slam after a great pass from Barlow

The aftermath of that slam

JJ trying to finish off an alley oop

Moore getting some attention under the basket

JJ deciding which way to go

Some fans celebrating the 100th win for the two seniors

Moore with a late drive to the basket

Coach Painter trying to educate the refs. It did not work

"Sorry I ruined your Black Panter party"

The choke sign is back again

Jordy Hulls fouling Moore with just a few seconds left

JJ holding up a sign for his 22nd birthday. I liked the back of the sign as well

JJ giving the fan with the sign his autograph. I like how it appears that there is a spotlight on them. That is the flash from the professional photographers


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