Today Is The Day

After two long weeks of waiting the Super Bowl is finally here. Anyone who knows me knows that I love college football much more than the pro game. The Super Bowl is different though. I really love to watch this game. This year it is even more important since my Green Bay Packers are in the game. I have been waiting for this game for two weeks now, and it is just hours away.

Being the Sports Junkie means that when the game against the Bears looked like it was sealed I was on StubHub. Since I am not a millionaire I decided that going to the game was not for me. When I looked just to get into the stadium it was $1,200. That is for a seat so far away you can’t see anything. Being the photographic junkie that I am as well I would like to be a little closer than that. I will just watch it on TV in HD so that I can see what is going on. Hopefully the Pack will bring home the fourth Super Bowl trophy in their history. Since I always make bold predictions based on no knowledge whatsoever on this site I will predict this game. Here it is:

Green Bay 23 – Pittsburgh 17


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