Michigan State Photo Gallery

As of this writing I have achieved a new single day high for views on this blog. Thank you so much! Here are some of the pictures that I liked from last nights game. I really had a blast last night, and I hope that Mackey will be rocking like that again this season.


Erin Andrews breaking the news on national tv that Robbie Hummel tore his ACL

I love this sign. The opposite side said simply "applause"

Kalin Lucas showing his ballerina skills

The Carl Spackler sign needs to come back out against Minnesota. I love it!

Digger choosing which tie and highlighter he will use next week

After the limited fouls called in the first half an enterprising student came up with a sign to help the officials with the over the back call. The sign did not work by the way

This is what Erin Andrews looks like without makeup

E'twaun in the lane

LewJack watching the ball after being fouled on a drive. Of course the foul wasn't called, but the Boilers maintained possession

I wouldn't touch JJ when he is that hot either

I like this picture of Smooge with the ball

Ryne Smith letting a three go and staring down the ball

Terone Johnson with an easy layup thanks to a great pass from Barlow. I love LewJack in the background

A few of the better signs from the game

E'Twaun just getting clobbered in the lane

E'Twaun with a pull up shot

Another pull up in the lane. He would miss this shot, but tap in the rebound and get fouled to set up the three point play

LewJack driving early made him a target allowing him to dish out to the open man

LewJack's dunk. This might be my favorite picture this year

Barlow going in for the dunk. The actual picture of the dunk was ruined by the rim being in the way of Kelsey's head. I will have to move over a section during the relocation next season so that this doesn't happen anymore

Smooge eyeing up the defense. I have a lot of him in this set, but when you score 26 you had the ball a lot

JJ with his tough fadeaway shot. Even Matt Painter looks impressed

E'Twaun letting the clock run out at the end of the game



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