College Basketball Game of the Week (Gameday Edition)


John Hart defending against Michigan State last year

Rece, Hubert, Digger, Bobby, and Jay all will be invading West Lafayette this weekend. This might just be the biggest game as far as atmosphere in this arena in a while. Fans will be up early watching the Gameday taping, and then have nothing else to do until the late tip. I imagine the alcohol will be flowing in that time frame. The crowd should be rocking by the time the game starts. I will be up bright and early making the two hour drive down to West Lafayette to see the taping of the show. I can’t wait to see how the fans treat Digger and Bobby. It is awesome that Mackey will be the focal point of the country this weekend. I have seen the football show in person a few times, but never the basketball version. I am generally excited for tomorrow. I don’t plan on sitting with the main crowd to be on TV. I want to be on the other side so that I can see it all go down. I am sure that I will have a few pictures. If I have time I will try and post them in between the show and the game. I am sure there will be quite a few good signs and sights to warrant a post just for the show.

Speaking of the show I have seen the short teasers for it. Do they have to dwell on Robbie getting injured? It has been months now since the injury. Is the “Worldwide leader” that far behind that this is still the leading news story from the game? How about a battle between teams for position in the Big Ten? How about a guy named E’Twaun Moore? Even more how about the guy that has been carrying them lately, JaJuan Johnson? No matter what I hope that they do at least some research to see that there are more last names rather than Johnson. Just get the names right guys. The other guys who have done games this year have really messed that up. The content of the show tomorrow should be interesting.

Oh yeah, Purdue plays a game Saturday too. When the Gameday people set this date up I am sure that they thought that they were getting a top 10 matchup. Despite the teams being ranked a little lower than we all thought they would be this should still be a great game. Michigan State has many weapons that Purdue has to control. They have to do a much better job on the boards then they did against Penn State if they want to win this game. I think that Moore and JJ will also have to have huge games to have a chance here. The real question will be who will step up this week? Ryne Smith came out firing Wednesday, but then didn’t get open. Nothing would get this crowd going more than another monster dunk by Barlow. At this point picking the guy that will step up is a crapshoot. I will just start making my pick in my recap post of the game. I should have much better luck then.

On a side note my hatred for Michigan State has dwindled in the past year. For some reason I never really liked the Spartans. I saw them play four times last year. The real test though was the three times I saw them in the post season. I saw them get beat in the Big Ten tourney, and their two games in Spokane. I met some great Michigan State fans that helped me actually root for them in Spokane.

Men’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 11-3 on my picks to bring my record for the season to 99-20. I keep waiting for the tide to turn because I have been doing fairly well with my picks. Maybe this is the week that it happens. Here are the week 11 picks:

  • #1 Ohio State over #22 Illinois
  • #19 Minnesota over Michigan
  • #17 Wisconsin over Northwestern
  • Indiana over Iowa
  • #19 Minnesota over Northwestern
  • Penn State over Iowa
  • #18 Michigan State over Michigan
  • #22 Illinois over Indiana
  • Valpo over Milwaukee
  • Valpo over Green Bay
  • #1 Ohio State over #13 Purdue
  • #13 Purdue over #18 Michigan State

Women’s Picks of the Week – Here we are ten weeks into the picks and I am still floundering. I went 7-5 last week to bring my overall record to 79-40. I would have been 9-3 if I had faith in the Boilers. I picked against them twice last week, and they proved me wrong. I hope that they keep doing it. The Boilers only play once this week, and that is early in the week at Michigan. I almost want to pick against them just to keep the string going. Here are the week 11 picks:

  • #12 Michigan State over Minnesota
  • Penn State over Indiana
  • Wisconsin over Illinois
  • #21 Iowa over Ohio State
  • Ohio State over Michigan
  • Northwestern over Minnesota
  • Penn State over Illinois
  • #12 Michigan State over #21 Iowa
  • #10 Notre Dame over #23 St. Johns
  • Purdue over Michigan

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