The Rivalry Game For All the Marbles

A.J. Hawk last season at Lambeau

This Sunday my Packers take on the Bears for the NFC title. This is only the second time that the two teams have met in the postseason which is kind of hard to believe. I guess the teams have rarely been good at the same time. I still think that is the case this season. The Bears have had one of the easiest runs into the playoffs in recent memory. They did win convincingly last week, but it was at the expense of a team who would have been under .500 in any other conference.

The pack on the other hand were hot at the end of the season when they were getting a few players back. They started the playoffs by beating the Eagles and the Falcons at home. I really don’t see why anything should change this week. They have a defense that is playing very well right now. The Bears have a good defense as well, but I think the Pack has a better one. The game should come down to how the offenses handle what the other team throws at them. I think that this is where the Pack have a clear advantage. They have a great offense with many weapons. The Bears main option is a former defensive back. I guess they have a good tight end as well, but I think Olsen will be shut down this week.

The one thing that does scare me is the former defensive back Devin Hester when he is returning kicks. The Packers have to stay in their lanes this weekend to avoid letting him break one. I think that the Bears offense will struggle so why give them easy points?

This has been a fun week in the social media for me. Living where I do I know a lot of Bear fans. I have been getting pictures and funny little stories all week. I really haven’t replied to too many of them though. I figure I will just send it all back next week. No comment or anything, but send the picture or story back to the person who sent it to me. I really never believed in trash talking a team that I don’t play for. I just like to watch them play. Thankfully I think I will have an extra week to watch my team than my friends will have. This should be a great game, and I might have to clear some time to watch the game.

My Prediction: Since I am wrong so much in my predictions I wanted so bad to pick against the Pack here. I just cant to it though. I really think that the Pack will be in Dallas in a couple weeks to play for all the marbles. My prediction Packers 35 – Bears 17. I think that the Pack will get Cutler frustrated early and often.


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