Penn State Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures from last nights game. As I said before I was a little slow getting the camera up so the two handed dunk by Barlow was blurry. I also would have loved to have had one of DJ Byrd flying through the lane on the put back dunk. Even though he missed the shot it was awesome to see. Enough about what I don’t have, here is what I did manage to get.


David Jackson getting a shot off in the first half

The Paint Crew had a sign made up knowing that E'twaun would bust out of his slump

Talor Battle passing over LewJack

Smooge putting a nice move on the Penn State defense

Talor Battle gets by everyone for an easy bucket

The Paint Crew lets the officials know what they think of them

JJ with a nice jump hook

Tim Frazier trying to stop E'twaun any way he can

Smooge fought through the hold, but got his shot blocked after the foul was called

If LewJack had some chips and beer he would have the best seat in the house

Barlow cruising in for the dunk. This was just after the officials missed a clear shot clock violation.

Smooge sneaks in the backdoor for an easy basket

JJ fouled hard on his way to the basket

JaJuan Johnson lets the game winning shot go. If audio was captured with my camera you could hear me yelling no, and then screaming wildly.



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