Purdue vs. Northwestern Photo Gallery

I have finally gone through my pictures from the game Sunday. I will post a few of them that I think were cool for one reason or another.

Part of the Purdue Karate exhibition at halftime. This guy really got up to kick the board

Drey posting up early in the second half

Drey getting the pass and getting hammered in the head

Drey making the basket after getting fouled to set up the three point play

Moses dribbling

Brittany getting attended to after getting hit above the eye

The great officiating crew

Antoinette Howard with a lay in attempt

I like Sam O's reaction in the back almost as much as I like the picture of Courtney

Rayburn driving after the hit

the frame before was a nicer shot, but I like the reaction on the face of the girl who was called for the foul here

Somehow Amy Jaeschke was not called for the foul here. The girl in the foreground nowhere near the play was called for the foul.

Jaeshke and Rayburn shake hands after the game


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