Boilers Win Heavyweight Matchup with Northwestern

I missed most of the first half Sunday of the game at Mackey between Purdue and Northwestern. I got to the game in time to see the last few minutes of the first half. I had been listening to the game on the radio so I felt that I had a fairly good idea of what was going on. What I didn’t gather from the radio though was how physical the game really was. On the broadcaster Jane Schott was having some fun at the expense of center Amy Jaeschke. For a player that plays as physical as she does I guess she was having some trouble with her knee. By the time I got to the game I did not really see any of that. Jaeschke was really playing a rough game under the basket.

Jaeschke played no tougher then she did as she was fighting under the basket in the second half. She hit Rayburn in head with an elbow sending her to the floor. It is hard to believe that anymore harm can come to her this season. She really takes a beating on the court. After getting hit in the head Rayburn hit the court hard. She was momentarily taken to the sidelines, but was taken to the locker room to get fixed up. It looked like she would need a couple of stitches above her eye. She waved to the crowd on her way out, and then was back in the game shortly. She really is tough. After she came back into the game I was watching Drey Mingo talking to her about how tough she is. It was fun to watch them go back and forth waiting for a timeout to be over.

Late in the game Northwestern guard Brittany Orban took a hard hit while fighting with Drey Mingo for a loose ball. Mingo tried to pull the ball away, but both players momentum took them to the floor hard. Orban’s head hit the court so hard you could probably hear it in the upper level. She was very hurt you could see right away. I thought it was from the head hitting the floor. After seeing the replay though you could see how her leg was taken out during the fall as well. It was really hard to watch her laying on the floor in pain.

I have never called out a referee on this site by name. I really don’t think that anything can be gained by that. Take a referee like Dennis DeMayo. I would never use this site to talk about how much trouble he was having during yesterday’s game. That would not be right. The obvious calls that he missed like the one where the Northwestern player hit the ball out of bounds right in front of him, and he gave them the ball. What good would that do? I know that being a ref is not an easy job. Sometimes you have a bad day. When that person does have a bad day singling them out on a blog really accomplishes nothing.

Gameball – This has to go to Drey Mingo. She had her first double-double since coming back from her illness.  She scored 17 points and grabbed 11 rebounds to help her team. She really played well against the bigger competition that was thrown at her. She really helped the team play as physical as the competition. It was great to see her back to the form we saw at the beginning of the season.

Play of the Game – This might be a series more than a play. With Northwestern scrambling to get back into the game, the Boilers used a bunch of clock by letting the shot clock go down and then shoot. They really didn’t get many good shots off, but they did keep getting the rebounds. It seemed like they took over a minute and a half off of the clock making it tough for Northwestern to come back. I don’t know if that is accurate, but they did chew a bunch of clock. They grabbed a few of their 19 offensive rebounds during that trip down the floor.

In West Virginia the men lost a tough game by four points. I was watching the last few seconds on my phone through gamecast, and it looked like Purdue had several chances to tie or win it at the end. I didn’t have the guts to watch the replay so I will never know. That would have been a hard game to see in person. Especially if I was still there as the fans stormed the court. It seemed weird to me that a team that was favored to win stormed the court, but after Indiana stormed it last season you never know what you will see.


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