College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 10 Edition)

Last week I really didn’t do what I wanted to. The weather was so bad Saturday that I did not go to the Notre Dame game. I had trouble seeing just driving slow down my road so I turned around. I did however make it out the next day for the trip that is twice as long to West Lafayette. The roads were a little better, but it was going to take a lot more than that little bit of snow to stop me. I had contemplated making the trip to Madison to watch the lady Boilers, or just a little further to see the men take on Minnesota this week. In the end I just decided to stay home. The way both games turned out I am glad that I did.

This week I really wanted to go to West Virginia. I saw where some tickets were available, but seven plus hours each way is rough to justify for a two hour game. Who knows I still may try the trek. I had a crazy scheme for a while where I travel to Dayton first to watch Valpo play before heading to Pittsburgh on Saturday to see Pitt take on Seton Hall. Then of course Purdue plays on Sunday. I had a couple other stops in between that made the trip so big that I think the size killed it more than anything else. I really would like to go, but one guy paying for all of these road trips is hard to do. I will have to pick some other date to see the Boilers on the road. As crazy as it sounds the fact that they lost last night makes me want to make the trip even more. I think I really have something wrong up top. Next week the game of the week will be an easy pick with College Gameday coming to town for the matchup against Michigan State. The Valpo trip would have been great just to see Valpo players Wood and Johnson play in the Nutter Center.

That means that the games on back to back days by the men and women against Penn State will be the games of the week. The men have already beaten the Nittany Lions on their own court earlier this season. The women are coming off a bad loss at Wisconsin. They have a game against Northwestern Sunday in between, but they need a couple of wins badly. Both teams could use a little momentum after tough losses.

I don’t know if anyone appreciates E’Twaun Moore more than I do. I love watching the guy play basketball. That being said he needs to score more than five points in a game during the Big Ten slate. For that matter for the rest of his career. One of the things that I like about him is that when the team is playing well he tries to get shots for others. The other night he really just never got it going. Maybe his cold streak is over and he will light it up for a few weeks.

Men’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 10-3 to bring my overall record up to 88-17. Penn State pulled out two huge wins that I did not see coming. Of course I had Purdue against Minnesota so that immediately made me a loser there. This week I have some interesting games ahead. It all starts off tonight as the top four teams in the Horizon League square off. I also have Illinois losing twice this week which would be huge. I think I may end up wrong on one or both of those games. Another note is that Ohio State will probably be the #1 team in the country when they take on Iowa Wednesday night. Purdue had finally cracked the top ten, but will probably slide. They finally got on the front page of, but it was for their loss. Never a word when they win, but front page when they lose. One that note here are this week’s picks:

  • Valpo over Wright State
  • Butler over Detroit
  • #2 Ohio State over Penn State
  • #24 Michigan State over Northwestern
  • #21 Wisconsin over #16 Illinois
  • Michigan over Indiana
  • #25 Minnesota over Iowa
  • #24 Michigan State over #16 Illinois
  • Northwestern over Michigan
  • #2 Ohio State over Iowa
  • #21 Wisconsin over Indiana
  • Northwestern over SIU-Edwardsville
  • #8 Purdue over West Virginia
  • #8 Purdue over Penn State

Women’s Picks of the Week – I went 10-2 last week for the women to bring my overall record to 72-35 on the season. I picked Ohio State to lose once last week, but never could have imagined that they would lose twice. They are in a freefall, and may drop out of the rankings this week. Who would have seen that coming at the beginning of the season. On paper before writing this I had Purdue winning both of their games. As I was writing it though I realized that both of those were heart picks and changed them. I really hope that I get both of those wrong this week. Here are the week ten picks:

  • #10 Michigan State over #24 Ohio State
  • Wisconsin over Michigan
  • #20 Iowa over Indiana
  • Penn State over Illinois
  • #10 Michigan State over Indiana
  • #24 Ohio State over Illinois
  • Wisconsin over Minnesota
  • Northwestern over Michigan
  • #12 Notre Dame over Pittsburgh
  • #12 Notre Dame over #17 Georgetown
  • Penn State over Purdue
  • Northwestern over Purdue

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