Boilers Pierce Hawkeyes

This was as close as Iowa would get all day

If you have ever seen M.A.S.H. the headline might make some sense. Then again it might not no matter what you have seen. As I have stated a few times on this blog I hate Iowa. Probably more than any other school. It was great to see Purdue have such and easy time with them today. They won easily 75-52. The score really does not tell the full story of this game though Purdue had the lead around thirty when they called off the dogs. The win brings them to 15-1 overall and 4-0 in conference. It was their tenth straight win since their lone loss against Richmond. The team will travel to Minnesota next. We all know what happend the last time the Boilers played in Minnesota.

This game started off great for the Boilers. They took off to an 11-0 lead before allowing Iowa six straight points. They really seized control though. It seemed as if everyone stepped forward to help the team. Leading scorer on the season E’Twaun Moore only had 11, but was slowed down a bit because of foul trouble in the first half. Smooge did get the Purdue record for minutes played, and was given a ball commemorating the feat after the game by the man whose record he broke Troy Lewis. JaJuan Johnson had 16 and was a disruptor in the middle as usual. Lewis Jackson has been awesome lately. He has taken whatever he has been given. Instead of just probing the defense with no intention of scoring he has taken the baskets the opponents are giving him. He got the assist on one of Smith’s three’s, but what the box score won’t show was the ankle breaking move that set up the pass. He really is great at breaking down his defenders. Kelsey Barlow is one of the more intriging players on the team. He really looks great at times, but you can tell that he must be the focus of Painter during practices. Painter really gets on Barlow during the games. He was not across the court after checking in for the first time today when Painter was yelling at him. I would love to watch some of the Boiler practices.

With all of the teams going down the last few days it just shows how tough Purdue really is. Of course nobody in the national media will see that. Teams above and below them went down this week, but Purdue will probably drop after winning its tenth straight. People just can’t see this team for what it has instead of what it has lost. Any sane polls would have Purdue in the top ten when they come out tomorrow. I can’t wait to see this team turn some heads as the season progresses. By the way that win to open the Big Ten season at Michigan is looking a little better after the Wolverines took #3 Kansas to overtime today.

Play of the Game – The game was never really in any doubt, and JJ had his typical power slam. What would the play of the game be? I would have to say that the play that sticks out in my mind was Smith’s last three. After gaining some conifdence Ryne threw the ball inbounds and sprinted towards the top of the key. He received the ball there in stride and without skipping a beat nailed a fadeaway three. To me that was a great play.

Gameball – Ryne seems like a lock to get this. He hit six threes on his way to a game high 18 points. His previous high for threes was five which he had set in two of the last three games. Besides scoring Ryne also did a great job defending Matt Gatens of Iowa. His defense has always been solid, but fans were waiting for his offense to show up. We had all heard about how lights out he was in practice. It looks as though that has now translated to games. He is such a hustler I could not be happier for him. 

In other news the Purdue women won the Barnburner Trophy by outlasting Indiana. Anytime the Boilers win over Indiana it is a good thing. The Green Bay Packers also won at Philadelphia against Michael Vick today as well. In all I would say it was a good sports day. The Packers play next Saturday night in the Georgia Dome against Vick’s old team the Falcons.


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