Son of the Big Dog

Glenn Robinson III drives against the Slicers Friday night

I chose the somewhat weird title for the post because I kept hearing people say that last night at Slicer Gym. It just sounded like a bad 50’s movie to me. I had not been inside of Slicer Gym for years. For some reason high school basketball really is not that exciting to me. I went last night to see the son of former Purdue great Glenn Robinson Jr. I may take some heat over this, but I was not a fan of Purdue basketball when Glenn played there. I really did not follow college basketball at all. With a team like the Bulls playing who needed college basketball? Things have now changed. Matt Painter has spoiled me to the point I really can’t stand the pro game with no defense. I wish I could have seen Glenn play, but I had to settle for seeing his son play.

His son (Glenn Robinson III) is committed to Michigan after he graduates. When I first saw him last night I really didn’t think that he looked that great. He just seemed to be a little lost. I guess that is because the Slicer defense was geared up to stop him. He seemed to realize that he didn’t have to do it all himself though and the Indians started playing a little better. For a junior he really has some skills. At one point in transition he actually tried to dunk over another player. He came away holding his eye, and he was up so high I wondered if he hit his head on the rim. He really is as good as I had heard he was. I am not a good scout for high school talent though. I will leave that up to the experts. What I will say is that Glenn is a player that can force the opponents to adjust to him. In high school I think that is all you can ask of a player.

The Slicers won last night 65-51 thanks to great defense and awesome shooting. In the third period when the Indians were closing in Ryan Basinger took over. He hit all five of his threes along with a layup in that third period. He scored all seventeen of his points to keep the Slicers lead above double digits. This is my first game this season, but I liked what I saw last night. It sounds as if the Slicers were trying a similar tactic like Notre Dame did last season to extend games. It worked last night for sure.

Glenn creating some contact

Glenn with one of the seven threes he attempted last night. He only made one

Glenn III fighting through traffic

Glenn III shooting a free throw

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