Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the thrilling win Thursday night.

Freshman Dee Dee Williams gets her shot blocked early

A picture is worth a thousand words. Michigan head coach Ken Borseth

Not the best framed picture of Drey getting fouled, but I like it just the same.

One of the many tie ups by the Boilers on the night. This one forced by Antoinette Howard

Brittany Rayburn barely getting her shot off

Ashley Wilson fighting to get the shot off

I love the quick change competition at halftime. This is yet another picture of that contest

Ashley Wilson with a close shot after a rebound

Brittany getting some contact along with her shot. She really can draw fouls when she wants too

Alex Guyton getting a shot off

Courtney Moses reversing direction

Moses getting her desperation three blocked late in the game

Rayburn pulling up for the game winner

Ashley Wilson getting another tie up on the last trip down the floor for the Wolverines

The team celebrates the much needed win


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