College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 9 Edition)

Steve Lavin sharing his popcorn with the Paint Crew last season

This week is a tough one. I am going to Notre Dame tonight to see the St. John’s team coached by former Purdue coach and ESPN  analyst Steve Lavin. Tomorrow the Boilers play Iowa. Anyone who knows me knows that I spent a couple of years in Iowa after graduating. For some reason my hate for the Hawkeyes went up exponentially after my time there. I may be the one responsible for them becoming our new football rival according to the Big Ten. This should not be much of a game Sunday. The Boilers should mop the floor with Iowa. That being said it still is a Big Ten game so if the Boilers are thinking like I am things could be interesting.

Men’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went a respectable 7-2 to bring my record to 78-14 on the season. I really have only had one bad week so far. Here are this week’s picks:

  • #19 Michigan State over Penn State
  • #3 Kansas over Michigan
  • #2 Ohio State over #21 Minnesota
  • Northwestern over Indiana
  • #19 Michigan State over Wisconsin
  • #20 Illinois over Penn State
  • #2 Ohio State over Michigan
  • Northwestern over Iowa
  • #10 Purdue over #21 Minnesota
  • Valparaiso over Youngstown State
  • Valparaiso over Cleveland State
  • #15 Notre Dame over St. Johns
  • #10 Purdue over Iowa

Women’s Picks of the Week – Last week was a typical week for me picking the women’s games. I went 6-5 to bring my record to 62-33 on the season. At the last second I lost faith in the Boilers and picked Michigan as I was typing this up. If I had just kept my pick I would have been 7-4. Of course if I had just picked all the right teams I would have been 11-0 so I guess we can see where that game can take you. This week I guess I am just hoping to break .500 as usual.

  • #22 Iowa over #21 Ohio State
  • #13 Michigan State over Michigan
  • Northwestern over Illinois
  • Wisconsin over Minnesota
  • #13 Michigan State over #22 Iowa
  • Penn State over Minnesota
  • Indiana over Illinois
  • #21 Ohio State over Northwestern
  • #12 Notre Dame over Louisville
  • #2 UConn over #12 Notre Dame
  • Purdue over Indiana
  • Wisconsin over Purdue

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