The Hall of Fame Votes Are In

In an hour the Hall of Fame announcement show will begin. Who knows how long until we hear who is elected into the Hall this year. I am sure that they will drag out the deal as long as they can. Who will get in this year? I think that Roberto Alomar will get in. This might also be the year that Bert Blyleven gets circled by the Hall of Fame voters in his last year on the ballot. Barry Larkin is a guy that I am not sure on. One player that should be in and probably won’t be close again is Tim Raines. He along with Ricky Henderson owned the basepaths in the 80’s. For some reason Ricky completely overshadowed him so much that he does not get that much consideration. Another player I like is Jack Morris. He should get into the Hall for that stache alone. The one thing that I like about the Baseball Hall of Fame is the fact that it is very hard to get into. It isn’t like the Pro Football Hall of Fame that guides 12 people in every year. We could hear in an hour that the class is empty. I am okay with that. What hurts is when people like Buck O’Neil and Minnie Minoso are excluded from the Hall. Somehow the veterans committee has to fix this. If they can put Joe Gordon in the Hall they can certainly find room for Minnie and Buck. Last year they did the right thing and put the Hawk in the Hall. I think that they will finally allow Bert Blyleven get in.

Here is the sticky part. Rafael Palmeiro joins Mark McGwire on the ballot this year. There was a time that these two were sure fire Hall of Famers. Now they will be fighting to just stay on the ballot. McGwire has seen his numbers go up the past few years, but I think that Palmeiro has a tough road ahead of him. I remember how proud I was of him when he pointed his finger at Congress and said that he never did steroids. Of course that turned to disgust when he was found using them, and never played again. I am sure that many voters looked at his name on the ballot this year, pointed at it,  and said, “I did not vote for Rafael Palmeiro!”

Next year sees a very weak class coming in for the Hall. Some very good players in the 2012 class, but none that were really great. Carl Everett might have had a shot, but the Bible didn’t say anything about him being in the Hall of Fame. That is a reference to his classic comment on why he doesn’t believe that dinosaurs existed. Maybe some of these guys that missed the cut this year can use the lack of a class next year to get in.


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