College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 8 Edition)

This week was a hard one to pick for the game of the week. The Purdue men only play once and that is at Penn State. There is a slight chance that things could work out to where I could end up at Bryce Jordan Arena to see the game. That is the kind of game that makes these write ups fun. Since I am not sure yet, and this is about games that I will attend I have to pick the Purdue Women’s game against Michigan on Thursday. If things go according to plan I will be attending this game on my way back from Penn State. Purdue has a game today against Northwestern in Evanston before playing the Wolverines at home.

I really don’t know what to make of this Boiler women’s team this season. I think that they are better than they showed us against Wisconsin last week. They just ran into a team that got hot from behind the arc. If they can get this team together they can do some good things. For some reason though it seems as if they cannot put the pieces together. When someone steps up the rest just seem to watch. I can’t wait for this team to realize how good they can be. Once they find that confidence I think they will be tough to beat. Right now the conference appears to be up in the air. With Ohio State faltering a bit it could be anyones to take. Purdue needs to make their mark right now while the schedule is fairly easy. That way they have some breathing room when it really starts to heat up. A good week puts them at 2-1 which is what they need right now.

If I do decide to head to Happy Valley I am sure that I will post something prior to the trip previewing that game. I really would like to go because that is the only Big Ten campus that I have not seen a sporting event at. It also should be a good game. Last year I was 4-1 watching the Boilers away from Mackey. This season I have already seen them win once away from home. Maybe that can be 2-0 by the end of the week.

Men’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 10-0 in the opening week of the Big Ten season. That would almost make it appear as if I know what I am doing. Of course we all know that is not the case. My lucky week brings my season record to 71-12. What makes that record even better is the fact that I attended three of the games on the list. This week on paper looks easy except for a couple of close games. Here are my picks for week 8.

  • #24 Wisconsin over #25 Illinois
  • Michigan over Penn State
  • #19 Michigan State over Northwestern
  • #2 Ohio State over Iowa
  • #13 Minnesota over Indiana
  • #24 Wisconsin over Michigan
  • #25 Illinois over Northwestern
  • #4 Connecticut over #15 Notre Dame
  • #11 Purdue over Penn State

Women’s Picks of the Week – As good as I did on the men’s side I did just as badly on the women’s side. I went 5-6 during the opening week of the Big Ten season. I had no clue that Ohio State would lose against a no name at home before dropping their opener to Michigan. My season record is 56-28 after last week. Sadly I picked against Purdue on both of their games this week. I had them winning over Michigan, but changed my pick as I was writing this. I really hope that I am wrong on both counts. Here are the week eight picks.

  • #16 Michigan State over Illinois
  • #12 Ohio State over Beth Cookman
  • Penn State over Wisconsin
  • #13 Iowa over Michigan
  • Minnesota over Indiana
  • #12 Ohio State over Indiana
  • #13 Iowa over Minnesota
  • #16 Michigan State over Wisconsin
  • Northwestern over Penn State

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