Purdue vs. Northwestern Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from yesterdays game. As I was going through them I realized that most of them involved JaJuan Johnson or E’Twuan Moore. That is not usually the case, but when the two combined to score 50 points on the day that would be the case. They were just too big a presence on the court not to get in a few shots.

Yes Paint Crew I have heard, and I like the signs


The opening tip. I usually try and snap just before or after contact to avoid the flash. My camera is not set up for it and it usually washes out my pictures. I kind of like what it did to this one

JJ boxing out John Shurna during a free throw

Smooge with an attempted lay in. After making 5-6 threes he missed this bunny

E'Twaun with another three

JJ with the flush

JJ getting fouled and making the basket not long after the dunk

LewJack making a tough basket with fan favorite Luka Mirkovic defending

JJ getting fouled going in for the dunk

Smooge with the floater over Luka. He just couldn't get up to the second floor to block the shot.

JJ with a jump shot and no dumb joke added in

Purdue Pete flying across the court

Moore showing off his dribbling

All Michael Thompson can do is throw his hands in the air and jump on this shot by Smooge

Ryne Smith gets hammered while going to the hole. This really got him fired up, and helped him add to his point total on the day

JJ attempting a tough fadeaway


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