Purdue vs. IPFW Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the game Tuesday night finally

Bobby 'Buckets' Riddell getting some love prior to the game


The all time steals leader at Indiana Dane Fife couldn't steal a win against the Boilers

E'Twaun Moore putting up a three early in the gam

Smooge driving to the basket minutes later

Morgan Burke and Leroy Keyes at center court. The Boilermakers were celebrating Leroy being enshrined in the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame

Kelsey Barlow driving and scoring

I just thought this picture of John Peckinpaugh was funny

Smooge with the floater

Sandi Marcius with an easy bucket

In ten years the story of this play will be his dunk over JJ

If I didn't know better I would have thought that this was a dunk by JJ. It is just a rebound though.

JJ already looking to pass as he comes down with the rebound

DJ Byrd helping John Peckinpaugh dribble the ball from between his legs

I love how the Purdue team has at least one picture a game that looks like a football picture

Ryan Kerrigan getting yet another award at halftime


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