College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 6 Edition)

This week could have had a huge dilemma for the game of the week. With the Boilermaker Blockbuster that could have been the games of the week. I have  party to attend though so I can’t head down to Indy. Since I have to attend the game of the week I guess that this week’s game has to be the men against IPFW on Tuesday. Former Indiana player Dane Fife brings his Mastodons into Mackey to face the Boilers. Very shortly the non-conference games will be over, and each game will have a little more meaning. After some great matchups it has gotten a little stale. In just over a week the Big Ten season will start, and the pregame notes will get a little more serious. For now let’s just get to the picks.

Men’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 11-1 to bring my season record to 55-6. The only game I missed was Iowa State over Iowa. I am doing fairly well so far with the men’s game. I only wish that I could take that good luck to the women’s side. This week Oakland makes the picks yet again. I have them splitting the two games against Michigan and Ohio State. Here are this week’s picks:

  • #14 Illinois over Illiniois-Chicago
  • Oakland over Michigan
  • Iowa over Drake
  • #2 Ohio State over South Carolina
  • Louisiana Tech over Iowa
  • #14 Illinois over #12 Missouri
  • #15 Michigan State over #25 Texas
  • Indiana over Northern Iowa
  • #2 Ohio State over Oakland
  • #20 Minnesota over South Dakota State
  • #17 Purdue over Indiana State
  • #17 Purdue over IPFW

Women’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 7-5 to bring my season record to 38-18. At this point I will just be happy to finish the season above .500. The big game in the picks this week of course is #1 Connecticut facing #10 Ohio State. Purdue has three games this week. I think that they will win the first two, but a tough rematch this time at Gardner-Webb will be too much late this week. The team may have trouble playing three games in that short of a span. I hope that the team goes 3-0 this week, but it will be a tough order. Here are the week six picks:

  • Illinois over Illinois-Chicago
  • Michigan over Detroit
  • Indiana over Florida International
  • Northwestern over N. Arizona
  • #1 UConn over #10 Ohio State
  • #15 Iowa over Drake
  • #18 Notre Dame over Valparaiso
  • Marquette over Illinois
  • Penn State over Drexel
  • #17 Michigan State over Vermont
  • Florida Gulf Coast over Indiana
  • Northwestern over Toledo
  • #24 Boston College over Michigan
  • #15 Iowa over Northern Iowa
  • Purdue over Auburn
  • Gardner-Webb over Purdue
  • Purdue over Southern Illinois

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